I was so excited yesterday to start getting traffic to my site that I refused to go to sleep until I got the best bang for the buck for my marketing. So as of 3:30 this morning I finally finished locking in the 1st phase of my advertising campaign.

I don’t know if I mentioned this in my previous posts or not, but on my road to $1,000,000 in 86 days, I limited myself to starting out with only $225. That included getting “ALL IN” with The Empower Network. Due to my limited budget I couldn’t use my normal company resources at Mobile Media King to drive traffic to my Empower Network Blog.

So I had to dig a search for the most inexpensive ways to drive the initial traffic to my site before I could start using the higher end services that my company Mobile Media King offers to put driving traffic to my blog on cruise control.

Now keep in mind that I am using all these sources for the 1st time. I don’t know how these companies will all pan out, but we will see how it goes.

You see in the great game of  business once you have decided that you want to SUCCEED, you HAVE to MAKE conscious decisions to move in the direction of your SUCCESS everyday. That means that you have to master the ability to analyse situations and challenges and based on the tools that you have access to, take the best calculated risks that you can in order to get to the next level.

Ignorance is risky. Educating yourself on what it is you plan to accomplish limits your risk. Now that doesn’t mean you will get positive results every time, but you can guarantee not getting any results at all if you don’t do anything. You gotta make it happen!

So here I am…I’ve burned the boats and there is no looking back for me. It’s either do or die. I’m ALL IN Baby!!!

Here’s what I did:

1) Even though The Empower Network does a great job of automatically SEOing your blog, I wanted to do something to kind of spice things up on my end and give my blog an edge. I set up a Back Link Pyramid which will give my blog over 5000 back links from multiple tier websites. It takes about 14 days before the back links actually start getting indexed.

2) Next I set up 7000+ Blog Comment back links along with Pinging and RSSing my Empower Blog.

3) I needed something that would help boost the social presence of my blog, so I went on ahead and got 1200 Retweets. The #1 driving factors for boosting Google rankings is social validation. When people are talking about you, your company, your blog, Google values that real human social validation or peer recommendation above and beyond the data collected from it’s robot spiders.

4) I had the get the word out. So, I then went on to set up 1,500 classified ads.

5) This was probably one of my most difficult choices. I battled with making the move to deal with this company for a while. I set up a PPC campaign with a company that pays it’s clients to view ads. The benefit/challenge is one in the same with dealing with companies like this one. It is the mindset of the traffic that it brings.

The Challenge: On one end you have people that are just on their site just mindlessly clicking away at every ad they come across because they are trying to get as much money as possible. That’s why the traffic is SO cheap.

The Benefit: These people are trying to make as much money as possible. The ROI on the amount of time that these people are spending clicking away at ads will barely generate enough income to compete with a minimum wage job in a 3rd world country. I know because I tried it when I was college…lol. Because these people are utilizing an inefficient, rudimentary way of making money by clicking ads for pay, presenting them with an EASY and INEXPENSIVE way of getting paid daily with the The Empower Network should be a cake walk. Well’s see…

6) Next I placed an order with a web traffic agency that guarantees 1000 targeted visitors.

7) Afterwards, I placed an order with another company that guarantees 10,000 unique visitors. Due to these visitors not being as targeted as the ones in the previous company in step 6, I get a lot more traffic.

I have implemented a multi-tier strategy getting my Empowerment Blog off the ground.

1) Longevity

2) Page Authority

3) Search Engine Ranking

4) Sales Conversions

Today I will be setting up an email marketing campaign. I found a company that sells sections of its data base of about 350,000 new leads daily in blocks of 4,000 and will email your ad to their leads. They give you access to the back office to track the results. I’ll let you know how this works in a few days.

I just finished a training on how to bypass having to deal with all the BS and hoops that Google Ads makes you go through. The training teaches how to establish your own banner advertising with smaller niche websites for pennies a click. The training seems pretty solid. Can’t wait to put it in motion soon.

Well that’s it for me today. Time to do my daily marketing.

See you at the top!  ~DGT~

P.S.  If someone you know could use some extra income, please feel free to share my blog with them. I will be sharing my real life success with the  The Empower Network system as well as info from the daily training that comes with being a part of the Inner Circle.


Whatever you can conceive & believe, you can achieve if you do whatever takes to make it happen!


“Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it. But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it even if I didn’t have it in the beginning.” ~Mahatma Gandhi~

I completed all the fast start training videos last night. I spent a bulk of this morning developing my marketing system and looking into different ways to get the word out about The Empower Network.


It’s funny my biggest challenge at this point was overcoming the stigma that I have with MLM. Even though there’s a ton of money to be made in MLM and ALL the experts…ie…Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump, said if they had to start all over again from nothing that Network Marketing is the business model that they would use to become billionaires again, I swore I would have to do it another way. You see I’ve had some real negative experiences with MLM in the past. My dealings in the industry have left a permanent scar on my ego. Besides, I’ve never been the most social guy on the planet either. The worst feeling of all was when my friends and family stopped taking my calls because they thought I was going to try and sell them something or get them to join my team. Hence, I had VERY DEEP ROOTED STRONG reservations with regard to joining anything that had the inkling of being a MLM.


But, The Empower Network is different. Their approach to the way they do business intrigued me. You see, unlike you’re typical MLM their approach to network marketing doesn’t involve any cold calling, prospecting, in home meetings, 3-way calling, hard selling, or any of the other negative aspects of  MLM. After going through the fast start training I began the realize and believe in the great potential of The Empower Network‘s powerful business model.


You see, The Empower Network makes doing business easy. All I have to do, is direct to potential clients to the presentation videos and collect my check. The Empower Network‘s automated system handles all the selling for me. So now I have a sales system in place that converts 20% of my potential clients that come through the door and all I need to do is get them their. This is a no-brainer.


So as of this morning, I established my marketing plan and will be implementing it right after I finish this post. I’m very exited about the possibilities. I will keep you posted with the results of my new ad campaign.


I am now a firm believer in The Empower Network‘s system. They have eliminated everything I disliked about MLM and have enhanced all the perks that a network marketing system has to offer. So now is my time to show a prove. Now it’s time for me to achieve the greatness from what I have conceived and believe to be my newest tool for success. The Empower Network


See you at the top! ~DGT~


P.S.  If someone you know could use some extra income, please feel free to share my blog with them. I will be sharing my real life success with the  The Empower Network system as well as info from the daily training that comes with being apart of the Inner Circle.

Greetings Everyone,

Today is August 14, 2012.  As of last night I decided to get involved in something that years ago I swore to myself that I would never get involved in again…NETWORK MARKETING. Now even though this isn’t exactly network marketing it still has a similar feel to it.

I had been looking into setting up an additional stream of income on the side from my regular businesses, Mobile Media King & Global Business Incubation, Inc. when I noticed a photo on my Facebook news feed posted by my nephew.

So I clicked on the his photo then proceeded to view his previous posts. I found that my nephew had been making posts since the last week in July on Facebook about the money he had been consistently making blogging on The Empower Network.

I asked him how much he had made and how long he had been involved with the company. He said he had made about $3K within a few weeks part time and this picture was of the most recent payout he received. My nephew said that the it’s the easiest money he has ever made. Everything is set up for you. All he does is blog, make a few posts, and make money. The automated system does all the selling for him. He just checks his account every morning to see how much money he made while he was sleeping.

I thought to myself with as much knowledge as I have about internet marketing and social media marketing that I could do 100 times what my nephew is doing. Heck for $25, what did I have to lose???

So I clicked on the presentation link The Empower Network to see what the program was really all about. Now I have seen a kazillion other presentations before, but this one was different. It actually touched me in a way that it brought a tear to my eye. It took me to a place emotionally that I was at not too long ago. A few short months ago I ago I was borderline homeless with my son. Due to some extenuating circumstances I had to shut down my previous business and start over again from scratch with litterally nothing. We were doing all our grocery shopping at the 99 Cents Store. Thank God my son likes Top Ramen & beans…lol. I had only a few dollars to my name when I made the decision to never be broke again. So I jumped ALL in to developing my company Mobile Media King and eventually leveraged it to an executive position with Global Business Incubation, Inc.  Within 30 days I was back on my feet and  I had changed my life around.

So while watching the short presentation I thought about where I had been not too long ago and how far I have come, then I realized how many other people out there are in that same boat I was in and have no clue how to get themselves out.

Then I thought to myself that this was a simple way for the millions of people that are out there struggling to make ends meet just as I was or who are looking to make an extra income on the side in their spare time like I am now, that could benefit from a simple system like what The Empower Network offers.

So here I am today at 10:05 a.m. on August 14, 2012. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t do anything on a small scale. I have always believed in leading by example and leading from the front.

So I am officially ALL IN to The Empower Network. After watching the presentations I firmly believe in what the Network offers. I have vowed to myself and now publicly to put in 125% of my effort and follow every instruction to the “T” for the next 86 days until my 40th birthday. I believe I will become a millionaire by leveraging The Empower Network‘s platform.

Each day I will chronicle my experiences and progress. Heck the Inner Circle training alone is worth it’s weight in gold. Hopefully by the time it’s all said and done, I will have proven that The Empower Network system does work and will be a personal testimony for others who seek financial freedom as well.

See you at the top! ~DGT~

P.S.  If someone you know could use some extra income, please feel free to share my blog with them. I will be sharing my real life success with the  The Empower Network system as well as info from the daily training that comes with being apart of the Inner Circle.



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